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Jubilee’s Community-Owned Growth (C.O.G.) Model

Like cogs of a gear, each element works in tandem to create a thriving and self-sustaining community.

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Congo Sign A key element of any thriving neighborhood is the availability of safe and affordable housing.  Well-kept homes typically provide better learning environments for children, inspire pride, and offer a positive vision for the neighborhood’s future.

Much of the housing in the Jubilee Park neighborhood is in need of repair and renovation, and many residents have trouble obtaining quality, affordable for-rent and for-sale housing. Jubilee Park & Community Center serves as an advocate for residents and as a facilitator of community-led initiatives for home improvement. Through partnerships with the City of Dallas and other non-profits, we assist residents with their immediate housing needs and encourage the development of more quality, affordable housing.

Our key housing initiatives include:

  • Senior Housing: Beginning in March 2012, the Senior Housing Project will offer affordable housing to neighborhood seniors in 24 apartment-style residences. The residences, located across the street from the community center, will provide seniors with easy access to senior programming.
  • Housing Renovations:  Jubilee Park & Community Center has served as the catalyst for home renovations throughout the community. Residents, volunteers, and program partners have all collaborated in repairing homes, including several homes on Congo Street which are now LEED Platinum certified.
Watch the video to see the turnaround of one Jubilee Park street.